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Paranormal Jerks, Bullies and Trolls…oh my! ~ VLOG #1

Being a ghost hunter is fulfilling, rewarding and just RAD!  It’s great to have the ability to live out a dream, but sometimes there are insensitive fools out there just ready to spoil your passion. I am one tough cookie but even jerks can knock me down every once in a while.  I know this is a long one, but it’s a story I really wanted to share. I hope you enjoy the message.

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Confessions of a Single Ghost Girl: Dating in the Paranormal ~ VLOG #2

In this vlog I share my challenges of dating and love and the haunt…I mean hunt for Mr. Right!  Being a paranormal investigator requires commitment, and so some life experiences suffer like, sleeping, catching up with friends and family but mostly DATING!

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Sex With Ghosts…Really? Dating Confessions of a Single Ghost Girl  ~ VLOG #3

It’s tough enough being a single “live” ghost girl, but if a spirit can’t get a break, then what chance do I have! Sheesh! Sex in the paranormal…who knew!

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