Nicole Strickland

So what can I tell you about Nicole Strickland? Well she is a twice published author, paranormal researcher and investigator, EVP specialists, photo analysis, presenting, lecturing, case management, consulting for television and film projects. Whew! Her website is full of great information. I particularly like her Para-Theory and RMS Queen Mary pages. Wanna learn something? Check out her website at

The San Diego Paranormal Research Society

This is a fabulous team. They have really perfected their paranormal investigations skills. They have a great website and wonderful information.  Here is a bit about them.

SDPRS was founded in October of 2009. We are comprised of dedicated, caring, passionate and professional researchers and investigators. SDPRS is also an educational team where we teach the public about ghosts and hauntings as well as responsible paranormal research and investigation. We are a diverse group of individuals who all share a passion for and desire to study the paranormal, which is reflected in how we carry out our investigations. Visit their website at and FB page

Chasing Kaos

This team based in Utah. They are dedicated to the paranormal and reaching out to the para-community (my type of team!) They have also published a book! Be sure to visit their website and check out their investigations and informational blogs!