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Here are some of GHOST GIRLS favorite EVPs from our investigations!

Before I became a true investigator, I would spend hours, and hours online listening to EVPs and now I have a wonderful collection of my own.

Some of these are not Class A EVPs so it’s best to use your headphone to hear them. Enjoy!

Spoiler Alert!

Do not read EVP descriptions if you do not want to be influenced while listening to the attached audio clips!

My House, Camarillo CA


I live on the site of the former Camarillo Sate Mental Hospital (which is now the Cal State University Channel Islands). And my apartment resides where all the old staff housing once stood. I have always had strange things in my house since I moved in. Papers lifting off the table and floating to the floor, voices, bedroom drawers being opened and closed. ~Kimberly 

One night a female paranormal investigator friend was over at my house and suggested I leave a recorder on while we surf the internet looking for haunted locations to scout. (Spirits love it when you go about your business and don’t focus on them. You never know what you will catch when you aren’t really trying to catch something) So I placed the voice recorder in the hallway just outside my office door where we could see it. It was maybe 7 feet away.

My House EVP 1

In this EVP, my friend and I are looking on the internet from my office computer, we come across a very funny picture of a gecko (don’t ask). And you can hear me say “That’s a fantastic picture!” and there is a male voice that says “Picture” right after that. Which means HE was looking over our shoulders looking at the computer too. Yikes!

My House EVP 2

A few minutes later we still looking for haunted locations on the web and there is another male voice at the end of the clip but we can’t make out what he is saying.

Birdcage Theater Tombstone Arizona

Birdcage Theater 1930s

This was one of my favorite places to visit. I can’t wait to go back! ~ Kimberly

Birdcage Theater EVP 1

I am investigating the Birdcage Theater with our friends from another team. I have left my recorder on a table in the main room of the museum.  You can hear we are all heading down stairs into the basement and I think the EVP says “GO” as we are exiting the room. I guess they wanted us to leave!

Birdcage Theater EVP 2

There was a time when I was sitting alone in the main floor of the theater, Liz and a member from the other team was sitting back stage, and another investigator was down in the basement doing a solo EVP session. So we were very quite just listening to him.  In the room where I was sitting something fell. To me it sounded like change/money being dropped from the celling, but the audio doesn’t capture it that way. The person working at the theater came running in because they thought we broke something. It was such a cool thing to happen. We never did find the source of the noise.

La Purisima Mission CA

La Purisima Mission

La Purisima was the very first investigation for our team. This memorable night and the EVPS we caught is what hooked us into the path of paranormal investigations forever. ~Kimberly

Mission EVP 1

This is one of my favorite EVPs!  Three other female investigators and myself were investigating the smaller chapel on the grounds of La Purisima Mission. You can hear me talk about putting my recorder on the floor and I say “On the floor…that’s fine” and I think you can hear a man say “I’m fine” just after that. Keep in mind there were no men with us in that chapel.

Mission EVP 2

This was also an EVP caught while investigating the Concepcion Cemetery outside on the grounds of La Purisima Mission. I have placed my recorder on the steps that lead to the bell tower.  There is a small gate at the foot of those steps that is spring loaded.  As we are all standing several feet away from where I left my recorder, you can hear the gate open and slam but no footsteps to follow.

Fort Tejon CA


Ghost Girl investigated this location about 2 years ago. Since then it has been closed down due to state budget cuts and was boarded up for the first time in it’s 100 history. So we are lucky to have gotten in there when we could. I hope it re-opens again soon. We were the only people there in the evening after the park closed. ~Kimberly

Fort Tejon EVP 1

In the first EVP we were all sitting around the table getting used to our surroundings, and our Fort Guide was asking questions about the church services on site.  We can clearly hear a mans voice but I have no idea what he is saying.

Fort Tejon Audio 2

This audio was caught in the officers quarters (more like a house). I was messing around with my flashlight and our spirit box speaks up!

Fort Tejon Audio 3

This audio was also caught in the officers quarters. We had all locked up left the house and were back into the main barracks. Several of us left our recorders all over the house for 2 hours. I left mine in the kitchen. This is what I caught in there. (Side note, one of our investigators got really sick in there an had to leave during a prior EVP session)

Mentryville CA

Mentryville Main House

This is such a cute little town. All that is left is the main house and the old school house and some building that were built for some movie. I loved the big old house. I want to move in there soooo badly. I am glad this place is still standing. ~Kimberly

Mentryville EVP 1

On this EVP, myself, and another female investigator from another team, is leaving my voice recorder and her video camera in the house as we join the rest of the team outside.  It is just the two of us in the house. She is standing near the front door, and as you can hear from me, I am leaving my recorder on the fireplace mantle in the living room. There is a definite male voice at the end of the audio clip. Wish I knew what he was saying.

Rancho Camulos CA


I love this place. It is so beautiful AND haunted! Such a great combination. There are so many buildings on the property and it’s very active. I try to go once a year. ~Kimberly

Rancho EVP 1

I am alone in one of the side rooms (very small room) and I was searching my bag for my KII, and I think I caught a little child saying “hi”

Rancho EVP 2

This one is very clear. Another male investigator and I are in a totally different house on the property. We are looking around the house, talking about the wiring and we catch another female voice saying “house”.

 The Tavern (Also known as Landmark No. 78) Ventura CA

The Tavern

This is one of my local favorites. It’s a great old house converted into a tavern.  There have been sightings of the Lady in White walking the upstairs and haunting the upstairs ladies bathroom. The staff here are great and really nice and always accommodating. And the drinks are great too! ~Kimberly

Tavern Audio 1

This audio was caught in the women’s bathroom on the second floor.on this floor and women talk about someone coming into the bathroom but no one was there. We had just set up our video and audio in there, and we were across the hall in the Managers office telling him we were going to start (only 2 investigators and the manger were in the building) and we can hear one of the stall doors slam.

Haunted Movie Western Set


I can’t disclose or show a true picture of the location. Owner of the property doesn’t want “visitors”, but we were granted access to see if “anything is going on”. Had a fun investigation, the cabin was used in many films dating the 1930’s-1950’s. Going back soon with our evidence and for another investigation (with a video-camera without a “full card” my dumb mistake). So one interesting thing that happened was while we were inside the cabin, all three windows of the building closed one at a time, real quickly. Then the room went dark. Then suddenly they blew open at ONCE! And the room was flooded with light. Really great stuff. So perfectly timed with my EVP session question. Hollywood couldn’t have done it better. Looking forward to going back! The clip is the audio of that event. Enjoy 🙂