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Camarillo State Mental Hospital

I live on the site of the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital. It’s now a great university (California State University of Channel Islands) however some of the buildings are still abandoned. One of my favorite things to do after work and on weekends is walk around the old buildings taking pictures. I have countless pictures but here are a few I wanted to share. ~Kimberly

camarillo  2012-03-14 17.13.11

2012-03-14 17.25.42 2012-03-14 17.28.13

Scary Dairy & Barn, Camarillo CA

This is the old dairy located down the road from the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital. The hospital used the area and this facility for agriculture and dairy. I have NEVER been here at night. It’s far off the main road and you can tell from the graffiti you might know what you hang out here at night.

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Alcatraz, San Francisco CA

Liz and I took a trip to Alcatraz, a very notorious prison off the shores of San Francisco. This is a dream paranormal investigation destination however it’s really hard to get in there, so a daily tour will just have to do! ~Kimberly

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2013-01-12 09.51.592013-01-12 09.53.13 2013-01-12 10.53.09

The RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

The Ghost Girls have spent many nights, and many investigations aboard this stately ship. It’s one of our most favorite haunts. I liked these pictures because they show the history of the ship.

2012-04-28 11.15.32 2012-04-28 15.50.38 2012-04-28 15.51.24 2012-04-28 16.16.27


On almost every trip I try to visit the local cemeteries. I know this section will grow. I have mass amounts of cemetery pics. I think I have to create a Flicker account for them. But here are just a few…

2012-08-17 16.11.57 2013-01-13 10.09.37 2013-01-13 10.11.13 2013-01-13 10.12.50