Paranormal tech

So my paranormal tool box is sort of minimal. It’s kind of sad, really.  I don’t know about you, but my budget is…well…okay it non-existent.  And the cost of paranormal equipment is crazy. A simple K2 meter can run $45-$59 bucks! Of course I bought one a few years ago after seeing it on TV.

I do have a fear of ordering something online and discovering it is utter hooey.  But I’m not going to stop buying equipment; I’m sort of a wannabe tech junky. But I have to be very careful on what I spend.  I have to be sure that what I purchase will work the best. But how do you know if you have never tested it?

I hate the idea of ordering a product online, and if you don’t like it you have to return it through the mail, and hopefully get a full refund back in less then 6 months!  Having a paranormal Do-it-Center near by would be ideal!  Even a section in Target would be great!  What about an EMF/K2/Full Spectrum camera combo at Costco!

I love my simple voice recorder.  That is my favorite tool.  It gives great results, is reliable, simple and very easy to use.  But I am drawn to everything that is out there and available for paranormal research.  I’ve kind of got a paranormal wish list going.  Christmas!!!!

I am overwhelmed at all the types, and brands and cost ranges there are (used and new).  On one website I found 5 different types of EMF meters.  It’s all about preference, I guess.  So do you get the generic one, or the one with the bonus temperature gage, or the meter with the digital screen or the needle based display (which to me looks like something right out of Ghost Busters with the needle and the high pitch sound) or the one with the flashing lights?  Do I even need an EMF detector at all if I already have a K2? They do the same thing, right?

There are so many options to choose from and has everything on the market really been tested?  I have to ask…do they really work?  I can count on my one hand, how many times I think my K2 actually worked.  I am certain in those few moments there were no cell phones turned on (not even on airplane mode) and we were not near any electrical devises and so I believe we were communicating.  Now I do understand that these other gadgets are extensions for communication and perhaps they help validate your audio and video results and paranormal experiences.  It’s great when something works, like your K2 lights go off AND you catch a great EVP at the same time.  But what does it mean when your K2 doesn’t go off and you STILL catch a great EVP?  Is the K2 that reliable?

So I am asking you for your suggestions.  What are your thoughts on some of our most popular paranormal tools that are on the market now?  Are they great investigating tools or just a waste of money?  There is a lot of information on the Internet speaking on both sides, but I want to hear from actual users.  What tools have you used that you feel bring you the best results on an investigation?  Or what simply sucked?  What’s on your wish list?  Do you have a favorite website that you use for placing orders that perhaps have great customer services, reviews and prices?

Thanks for your time and Happy Haunting!