“Let me start right off and say, I am a sexy, intelligent but quirky, successful woman and a Ghost Hunter.”  That is the first statement in my bio for an online dating site.  Yes, you heard me correctly, online dating.

BEFORE I became a paranormal investigator, my dating life was simple and fun.  Go to a bar, or a club, on Friday & Saturday night, meet a guy, have a date, or two dates, or three dates…bla, bla, bla. You know how it goes.

AFTER I became a paranormal investigator, I no longer go to bars, or clubs and meet guys and have dates, or two dates, or three dates…yeah you get the idea.  You see, I now spend my Friday and Saturday nights inside dusty, old, dark, decrepit buildings, which often smell like urine, and I will probably someday catch the Hantavirus due to sitting on the floor amongst all the mouse droppings I can’t see in the dark. BUT I LOVE IT!


Oh how my life has changed since I made the commitment and got into the paranormal.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy. I am finally doing something I love, but I am also missing out on something else I love…male companionship.  So I am single and looking for Mr. Right.  You would think I would have plenty of opportunities to find a guy while ghost hunting.  After all, it is a some-what male dominated field. Well you would be wrong. VERY WRONG!

First, the ghost-guys I meet that I find interesting are either married or have a girlfriend.  (Darn it.)  And some of the others are just…well they are just plain creepy.  And I mean, living in mothers’ basement, decorated with tortured posed naked Ken & Barbie’s on the wall, or doll heads on spikes, calling it ART, type of creepy!

norman bates

I once had a guy call me, and tell me he was remote viewing into my apartment and he tried to describe what I was wearing.  He was totally off with my choice of attire, (thank God, can you imagine if he got it right!) but he scared the crap out of me. 

And another creepy dude kept inviting me to these strange paranormal-midnight-meet-ups, but based on venue (old warehouse) and the costumes you were required to wear in order to attend, I truly think they were horror related roll playing swingers clubs or Twilight fetish parties!

Do you want to wander around the dark with guys like that? Not me!

creepy hand

But I am not discouraged (well maybe just a little bit) and so without breaking into my weekend investigation time, I have resorted to online dating.  Pathetic? Probably.  At first I wouldn’t tell my dates about being a ghost hunter.  I wasn’t sure how they would take it.  I didn’t want to scare them away too soon.  I have lost a few friends since I started “playing with the devil” (as my Aunt lovingly calls it) so I was cautious about what I unveiled to the men in my life.

But once you get close to someone you want to start sharing, so I would eventually let it spill that I am a Ghost Girl and each reaction has been priceless!!!

One of my dates just stared at me, open-mouthed, without speaking for at least a minute.  I am the queen of uncomfortable silences, so I was fine with it. 

Another gave me a strange smile and a look that read “oh aren’t you cute” and ordered me another drink.

One guy asked if I was a psychic and just rolled his eyes (yes even grown men do the eye-roll thing of a 14 year old girl).

Another man asked if it meant I was Goth or witchy (I didn’t even know how to respond to that).

But my favorite was when a guy said to me, in a very condescending tone, “So you must think Zak (Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures) is really hot?!”  To be honest I wasn’t sure if I should like him because he was the first guy who could actually could name another paranormal investigator, or not like him because he was acting like big fat douchebag.  In the end, I chose not to like the big fat douchebag!

I know a cool paranormal dude is out there.  But do I really want to date another ghost hunter?  I mean this Ghost Girl can’t even get frisky, during a romantic weekend, while staying in a haunted B&B for fear that the ghost that inhabit that location might watch us!  Prude? Yup! (Don’t judge me).  But I don’t know what I want.  Maybe I need a normal, scratch that, I mean abnormal, non-ghosty guy who wont mind me ditching him to investigate on weekends instead of being on an average date with him. Ugh. See my dilemma?


So I figure the best solution is to put it out there right from the start.  Be proud of who I am and what I do.  Which I totally am.  So now that I have my “paranormal interests” right up front before the rest of my witty online dating bio, I have gotten some pretty good feedback.  Some guys are really curious; not sure they believe in ghost but are still willing to discuss it, and they also think it’s kind of cool that a chick isn’t afraid of the dark.  Others think it’s sexy.  Hey! Maybe date night could include a dusty, piss smelling, Hantavirus infested investigation? (Still think it’s sexy buddy???)

But I do still get the occasional creepy online admirers, such as “Hi! My name is Steve and here is a picture of me drunk licking some random girls face, and this is also a great picture of me wearing only a robe, that I accidentally left open while standing in front of my bathroom mirror” type of creepy.

Thanks, Steve.  Uhhh, nice profile????

Come on ladies, share your bad date experiences.  Ghost related or not.

Happy Haunting everyone!

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