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ghost movie
Picture of the movie “Ghost”

Okay, to be completely honest, at first I was not sure how to start this post.  It’s sort of a subject outside of my comfort zone.  I have made it clear in my previous posts that I am single Ghost Girl and looking for Mr. Right.  And I am trying new and creative ways of getting out there and meeting people, online dating, meet-up groups, mountain bike ridding (have you seen those guys? HOT!) But I think I have found my limit.  I think I have established the line I will not cross just for some human contact.

What encouraged me to write this post was an article I found stating that the musical artist, Ke$ha, has admitted to having sex with a ghost, not once but several times! Holy cow!  I know spirits can get physical because during investigations I have been scratched, had my hair pulled and been touched, (not inappropriately…or maybe…humm) but I have never been…umm…well…poked or prodded. (Unless we are talking by Aliens, but that’s a totally different post…”Confession of a Single UFO Hunter”)


Ke$ha’s confession certainly isn’t the first.  However she did write the song “Supernatural” which was inspired by her experiences.  But I was surprised to see that there are many books on the subject, (I think we could be expecting the updated version of “Joy of Sex” to include a chapter on: Satisfying Your Spirit Lover) and there are many claims from folks openly admitting that they have had sexual encounters with ghost.  Now, come on!  We all have had dreams where we have had many lovers, (not at the same time! Geez get your mind out of the gutter) but aren’t they just dreams, or wet-dreams for that matter? But how can you tell the difference?

So I went online to do a little research…and well…forget it.  There is a hefty amount of information on the Internet about this subject and I just didn’t want to do the work.  And I will totally admit that I was a little uncomfortable with exploring this topic.  I felt…well I felt kind of dirty.  People go into great detail of their incidents and it was just creepy kinky.  Not my thing. I am never on the Internet surfing for porn, and that’s kind of what this felt like to me.


I was horrified when I found a website that sells details on “Summoning your own Demon Lover”.  It’s one thing to play around with a Ouija board and accidentally summon a Demon (oops my bad) but it’s a whole other game to play Doctor with one!  And if anyone could give you a STD (Supernaturally Transmitted Disease) it would be a Demon!  I make light on this subject because I am not a firm believer in the “D” word, but I actually hold mass amounts of respect for the spirit world, because there is still so much that we do not know about the supernatural, that could be truly possible, and that respect keeps me from taking that chance and messing around with the possible “D” in ANY format.

Haunted Hotel

I also read that there are a lot of ghost hunters that go out looking for ghosts to have sex with. What the heck!! I have to do a little research and ask my paranormal pals if they do this.  (And to be honest, that really sounds like the pervy ghost hunter guys I warn single ghost girls out there to stay away from!)  They actively seek out haunted hotels and B&B for a bit of action.  This article did ask a great question though, “does that mean they are cheating on their spouse/partner?” Hell yes!!!!  If you are leaving your house, looking for sex from the living or the dead, it is cheating and hence punishable by death! (Just kidding…yeah try me)

 The Shinnig Bath Scene in Room 237
Bathroom Scene from the movie “The Shining”

But is it cheating if you are spending the night at a haunted location and a spirit seduces you?  What about the spirits that are taking advantage of the living?  Could what we thought was a totally hot and mind-blowing (ahem) dream, in reality be an Incubus, or a Succubus or Casper your friendly ghost taking advantage of you during your most vulnerable times, while you are sleeping?

This thought has sort of freaked me out.  I am currently living with a man…a male spirit, so does that mean HE could be the one invading my dreams, pretending to be Ryan Gosling, but in reality it’s Bubba the dead janitor?  Is he looking over my shoulder right now, watching me as I write this post, making rude, sexual gestures at me that he knows I can’t see. Ugh! Locking my bedroom door tonight, Bubba!


I don’t know.  There is something about this that doesn’t feel right to me.  I have always thought that people living on the other side of the veil still feel and think the way they did when they were alive.  Love, hate and even sadness.  So we need to be careful and remain respectful to them and NOT use and abuse them.  I think there are ghost out there still looking for Mr. Right.  Craving for love from the living but finding guys that only just want a freaky one-night-stand.  Sheesh! If a ghost can’t get a break, then what chance do I have!!!

Happy Haunting!

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